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MetaTrader Audio Alerts Now Available

All Forex VPS plans now come with full Windows audio and sound services abilities.  Users can benefit from having Metatrader audio alerts from your Forex VPS on your local pc.  This feature is now automatically enabled in all of our Forex VPS plans and will work on any client operating system including Windows, Max OS X and Linux personal computers.


Why is this a big deal?  Metatrader and other trading platforms feature unique audio alerts for various functions, trades and alerts that can be crucial to a Forex Trader's success.  A missed alert or notification can mean a missed trade.  One of the core features of the Metatrader platform is the Alerts Tab.  From this tab you can right-click anywhere and select the Create option.  From here you can create custom audio alerts based on currency symbol, condition and value.  You can also select how frequently the alerts will sound and their duration. In addition to trading alerts, this new feature will allow all customers to enjoy full Windows operating system sound capabilities including volume control, browsing interactive websites, IM alerts and more!


We strive to provide the most comprehensive Forex VPS Hosting experience possible for our customers and this is just another move in us providing the absolute best VPS product for Forex Traders.


Existing customers can open a support ticket in our 24x7 support desk requesting that this be enabled in their VPS.  We will be happy to configure this for you.


Find out more about our Forex VPS plans at


How to Connect to Your New Windows 2008 Forex VPS

How to Connect to Your New Forex VPS


In order to connect to and manage your new Windows 2008 Forex VPS, you will need to connect to it using Remote Desktop.  Remote Desktop is also known as RDP, which is short for Remote Desktop Protocol.  They all are referring to the same technology that our VPS service uses for remote management.  You will need a remote desktop client running on your local computer in order to access your VPS.  

All of today’s popular operating systems have either built-in Remote Desktop clients or have readily-available RDP clients that are compatible with our VPS.  These include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X and Linux.  In addition, clients are available for mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

We also include a Remote Desktop Console which is located inside your Customer Dashboard.  Using this web-based Console, you are able to fully manage and connect to your VPS directly from your Customer Dashboard without requiring any additional Remote Desktop Client Software.


New Windows 2008 Forex VPS Hosting Cloud Desktops are Here!

We have been working very hard over the past few months to launch our new Windows 2008 cloud-based Forex VPS Hosting product line. We recently launched it and the response has been phenomenal!  Customers are loving the increased VPS responsiveness, low-latency trading experience, the Windows 7 Desktop-Like experience that Windows 2008 offers and the reliability that a true cloud platform has to offer.

We spared no expense in designing and deploying our Cloud infrastructure with redundant, elastic, self-healing architecture.  Our new customer dashboard offers full Forex VPS server management including reboots, reinstalls, direct KVM access and backup/restore capabilities.

The new infrastructure will enable us to publish a variety of broker-specific MetaTrader versions for you to choose from as well as the ability to create very specific templates for partners and institutional traders.

What are you waiting for?  Get your new Windows 2008 Cloud Forex VPS today while our current sale is still active at!